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We are here for you. Our wind turbine maintenance services will give you peace of mind and keep everything running smoothly.

Wind turbine maintenance

Regular maintenance

Full Circle is committed to enhancing performance. We understand that capturing the maximum available wind ensures the highest energy output. Therefore, even a small breakdown can have a large impact on the performance of your turbines. That is why we recommend investing in regular, scheduled wind turbine maintenance. In short, taking a proactive approach will ensure less downtime and increase your annual energy production.

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Corrective maintenance

Things don’t always go to plan, we get it.

Full Circle is here to help. Our experienced engineers can work on a wide range of turbine models in the event of a breakdown. Certainly, with our product expertise, an extensive engineering team supported by our back office and in-house supply chain department, we can offer flexible and tailored solutions.

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24/7/365 remote monitoring

To realise the full benefits of wind power, you need to keep turbines in good condition and make sure they are available to generate electricity at all times. Full Circle is able to monitor and analyse the performance of wind turbines 24/7. Consequently, our monitoring teams are alerted when a turbine’s performance strays outside of normal parameters. As a result, this guarantees the earliest possible response to any irregularity.

What does it mean for you?

Remote monitoring means we are instantly able to plan necessary maintenance, minimising the time your turbine is down. Our remote teams can diagnose and resolve most issues that arise with a turbine. When we can’t, however, they will schedule a site visit by an experienced local team. So, with access to parts and a thorough understanding of turbine technology, an on-the-ground repair team can respond quickly to resolve issues.

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Blade inspection and repair

We offer a comprehensive range of blade inspection, maintenance and repair services. Our dedicated blade teams are reliable, multi-skilled, and capable in all facets of blade work. For example, from the provision of full inspection reports, to the application of leading-edge protection, all the way through to major repairs such as complete tip replacements. Our autonomous drones inspect any wind turbine structure in minutes, performing repeatable data acquisition for high-quality, predictive analysis, speedier diagnostics, consultation and swift resolution, and huge cost reductions.

Our team is fully certified and has direct experience with: EWT, Vestas, Siemens, Enercon, Senvion, Nordex, Bonus, LM, Repower, Samsung, Move and Gamesa blades. So, if you are in need of blade inspection or repair get in touch today.

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Statutory inspections

Above all, the safety and compliance of your wind farm is most important to us. So, our statutory inspection team is currently responsible for the inspections of over 400+ turbines throughout Europe and North America. We provide a variety of options for our clients to ensure they remain compliant with current legislation.

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Major Component Repair and Replacement

At Full Circle, we provide repair and replacement services for major components, such as gearboxes, bearings, and generators, across various turbine brands. We carefully balance planning lead times for parts and monitoring to ensure minimal downtime in case of a main component failure. Leveraging our reliable supply chain network, we can source parts, including refurbished options, for a range of technologies. Our experienced teams guarantee a seamless execution of the exchange or repair process.

We can perform The Major Component Repair and Replacement under a comprehensive full-scope contract or on a project basis.

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