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Climbing the turbine for the very first time | Onboarding at Full Circle

At Full Circle, we’re all about the wind power magic. It’s our bread and butter, our raison d’être, you might say 😉 And we’re not just tech wizards either. Nope, we’re turbine adventurers too! Our skilled technicians climb those turbines regularly, solving issues and swapping out parts when necessary. However, at Full Circle, we also have an enthusiastic in-office team that, while not scaling turbines, is an integral part of our operations. We believe in sharing this unique turbine-climbing experience with every member of our team, ensuring a sense of unity and shared purpose.

So, during our onboarding process, we decided to throw our new colleagues into deep waters (or high towers ;)) Sure, they might have been trembling with fear at first, but they ended up falling head over heels in love with the adventure!

Let me introduce you to Roberto, the Accounts Payable Admin extraordinaire and wizard of numbers. Mamta, the Control Room Engineer with a knack for keeping things in order. And last but not least, Floor, the adventurous Head of HR. Keep reading to learn about their experience during the climb:


“First thing that everyone notices when arriving in The Netherlands are the numerous canals and wind turbines. Looking at these giants, I always wondered “What’s inside them?”. Being afraid of heights myself, I never even imagined climbing them. When I was told I will be climbing one, I was scared. With nothing but just adrenaline kicking and trying not to look down, I climbed the first section of about 50-60 feet. As the adrenaline ran its course, I started getting dizzy and wanted to give up🥴. Still, I soldiered on and climbed the second section. Also I was encouraged by the golden words of my more experienced colleagues and our coach “it was the wind turbine itself swaying not just me feeling dizzy”. I was able to reach the top of “Lelystad”, the EWT Wind Turbine. The view at the top was just WOW! And the wind which was at the top, surely blew my fears away for that moment. What an amazing experience!”


“The experience was mixed: as someone that is used to sports 2 a 3 times a week I like challenges but at the moment I did not feel so good because of a high fever: allergies in this period. But all of that went away when we arrived at the top. It was the best part and the view that it brought was amazing and up there I felt like I was flying! I enjoyed it as it gave a picture of the work that is done when you think about wind energy.”


“Ever since I was informed about the date, I was terrified! I am afraid of heights and slightly claustrophobic, so the idea of climbing so high in a small space was not the best combination. When we arrived at the turbine I asked if I could join the first climb (we went twice, because of the number of people) so I didn’t have to eat myself up waiting for ‘my turn’. The strangest thing happened to me; climbing to the first platform was kind of scary, but the higher we got, the less scary it became! It actually was a great experience. Not only did I overcome my own fear, I could check something off my bucket list from which I wasn’t even aware it was on there! 😊 It was a valuable experience as not only do you see the turbines in reality, but you also understand what the people in the field have to do every day. As the Head of HR that is a very important part of my job. While climbing you understand the physical challenge, the risk of the job, and the complexity of the turbine technique and working with high voltages. I even have more respect for our people doing this every day than I already had. It is a great onboarding being new in our industry.”

Are you inspired to join our team yet? Be sure to check our careers page as we are currently looking for both technical and in-office roles. Be sure to take a look and maybe see you during our next turbine climb 😉

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